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I'm Zainab

Blending artistry with strategy, my designs speak a language of unity and clarity.


Ever since I was a kid, I've had a knack for spotting little details and patterns in everyday things; turning the ordinary into my canvas. Now, in the world of product design, I get to channel that creativity and teamwork into every project I take on, making sure it's infused with care.

When I'm not busy brainstorming designs, you'll find me planning my next mountain adventure.

I truly believe every design has a story, and I'm here to make it an amazing one! 🌻


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I'm an Architect 
My proudest moment was collaborating with an NGO to design a school for underprivileged children.
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I love Hiking
My most memorable hike was in the valleys of Kashmir, where I also met the love of my life!
photography details
I am an Amateaur photographer
I love capturing the World's Hidden Marvels!
I'm a serial organizer
Yeah, I'm turning chaos into order, one drawer/file at a time :)
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Doodling is my quirky little joy!
My technique? Starting with random lines and seeing it eventually burst with different meanings! :D
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Plants? Plants! 
I’ve recently developed a big interest in planting. Meet the favorite corner of my house :)

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